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TREE SERVICES - Residential & Commercial


Whether you are an Apartment Complex, Homeowners Association, Developer, or in charge of managing Commercial, Retail or Industrial space, Southland has the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to handle your property.

The removal of dead or dangerous trees should be a priority for every property owner. Eliminating deadwood, removing dangerous branches, and correctly pruning young trees are all important to minimize hazards to property and people. These services should only be rendered by trained and experienced technicians to reduce potential injury to people and damage to property.  We offer many services including: Tree Trimming and Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Risk Assessment, Pre & Post Construction Consultation, Disease & Insect Diagnosis & Treatment.


In summary, Southland has the certifications, insurance coverage, and experienced staff to meet all the tree care needs of commercial property owners. We will make sure that your landscape is always healthy and looking its best!  Please read below for more information on tree removal and pruning for your location.

Tree Removal Guidelines

When submitting a permit for a tree removal or pruning service, each municipality has different ordinances and codes than the next.  Our ISA Certified Arborists will do all of the necessary measuring, recording and reporting so that you can rest assured that your property is in compliance with any services that we perform.  Below are links to some various municipalities ordinances that we service.

Berkeley County

Dorchester County

Isle Of Palms

Sullivan's Island

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